Photoshop Tutorial: Draw a Funny Green Creature Watching TV

This tutorial will get you familiar with the pen, paintbucket, and brush tools. It will also get you familiar with the burn tool, marquee tool, and the pencil tool some. This tutorial is done using cs3 but can be done using earlier versions also. Some artistic ability is helpfull for this tutorial but none is really needed.

End result:
Draw a Funny Green Creature Watching TV Final Image

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Step 1

First we will go file>new and apply the settings in the picture below

Step 2

Now, we will create a new layer on top of the background layer and title it penciled-out because this is the very roughed beginning of the body of the creature. Grab the pencil tool (it's where the brush tool is but second in the drop down menu) then draw something like what is in the picture below (it doesn't have to be this exact creature if you can't draw it, it can be something from your imagination it HAS to be a side view though). Don't worry about the details of the creature yet because we'll get to that later in the tutorial

Step 3

Next, create a new layer and title it body outline, with the new layer active, follow along the penciled out layer with a brush with a size of about 2 pixels making sure not to follow along sharp points. Now, grab the blurr tool with a strength of about 50 percent (the blurr tool looks like a tear drop) stroke along the new lines you've created on the new layer twice to give them a smoother feeling. Then turn off the penciled out layer (click the eyeball next to the layer) and you should have something like the below image

Step 4

Okay, now we are going to create a new layer on top titled body add ons 1 and we are going to just create an oval using the brush tool as neatly as possible and it might take a few tries to get it right. The oval is going to fit right around the center of the demple for the eyes. We will create the fat skin flaps on the neck by simply drawing them in with the brush and still with a size of 2 pixels as always. Now, get the blurr tool again and blurr the lines just made twice just like before. Now you should have something like the image below.

Step 5

Now, we will continue. Create a new layer on top and title it body add ons 2. extend the demples on the head using the brush tool still with a size of 2 pixels as shown in the below picture. Now, make the center of the eye using a brush size of about 20 pixels, just click right in the center of the eye and on the edge of it also. Then you have a dot in the middle so you then go to the top of the menu bar where it says edit and then you drop down until you get to free transform and extend it a little both ways, lengthwise. Then you should have something like the image below.

Step 6

now create his nipple using a small brush size and click in the middle of it. for the belly button, just erase part of this belly where you think it should go and connect them with an inside loop with the brush tool and a size of 2 pixels. (all of this was done on the body add ons 2 layer). You should now have something like this

Step 7

now draw in his arm with the brush tool very carefully. This is something like what you should have when done.

Step 8

OK, now, we will fill the creature with any color of your choice with the brush tool (make sure to leave the eye out when coloring), then apply shading with the burn tool as shown below in the below picture the burn tool looks better with an opacity of 75 percent rather than 100 percent. Then blurr the shading for a cleaner look using, once again, the blurr tool. This is something like what you should follow with the shading below, (doesn't have to be perfect it will still look good, trust me).

Step 9

Now we will create the tv alone. First, create another layer on top and title it tv. Now grab the pen tool and click points on the layer to make a trapezoid looking shape ( when you get to meet up with your final point and its an entire shape, right click and click make selection and click ok this should give you dotted lines that lok like dancing ants.) fill that with a grey color (use the paintbucket tool) Then once filled, make the screen by creating a new layer and with the new layer active, use the brush tool and the same color but this time lower the opacity a good bit. Then to finish up the tv alone, burn as shown in the picture.

Step 10

Now, brush on the stand from the tv to the table(we haven't done the table yet so don't worry about the table.) once brushed on like the picture below, then use the burn tool to add shading to it.

Step 11

Now, we're almost done! Grab the rectangular marquee tool. make a selection that looks big enough to support a tv and a tad bit wider than the tv's front edge. Right click and look until you see fill. Then fill it with black and lower the opacity to 95 percent and click ctrl>d to deselect the selection. Finally, to finish the tv set up, shade the table according to the picture below.

Step 12

Next, grab the rectangular marquee tool and on a new layer, make a selection like the one in the below picture

Step 13

Now, fill the selection with any color you want and click ctrl>d to deselect then blurr it untill it at 14.8 points with gaussian blurr (fiter>>blurr>>gaussian blurr) now, to finish this up, go to edit>transform>perspective and make the lights from the tv like the below image( wide at the top and smaller at the bottom)

Step 14

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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