Photoshop Tutorial: Make A Cute Nessy Painting

Here the person has lost his way. He is asking nessy(the cute animal) to find out his way....But nessy is confused....We are going to make nessy along with this cute little character and the background(the water and the sky )......

End result:
Make A Cute Nessy Painting Final Image

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Step 1

This is the given SOURCE PICTURE

Step 2

The green leaves reminded me to make my character i made this sketch....

Step 3

FILL the lower half of the image using the paint bucket with the color #2790da

Step 4

CONTROL CLICK the water layer (CTRL CLICK selects the particular layer).....
now RENDER CLOUDS using black(foreground) and the color #a04405(background)

Step 5

set the colors to 6cc1fb(foreground) and white(ffffff) for background.....
Go to Filter>sketch>bass relief and apply the settings:
Detail :15
smoothness: 7
and since the light source
"moon" is at the top select "top"
option for "light".....

Step 6

now go to filter>artistic>plastic warp

Step 7

now use the smudge tool
and smudge the water...... FILL the upper half of the image with blue 90d0f5

Step 8

set the color 5676b5 for foreground and white for background...and now render clouds

Step 9

apply the settings:
satin: use black color,multiply for blending mode,

color overlay:use the color 5676b5 ,
multiply for blending mode

and gradient overlay as shown in the screenshot...

Step 10

now for the "nessy" we select a part of the leaf as shown and use the warp tool

Step 11

USE WARP TOOL and warp the green leaf to make the neck and the mouth of the nessy...

Step 12

draw the shape of the eyes as shown in the sketch...
and apply bevel and emboss...

Step 13


Step 14

The man is made from the same leaf using WARP TOOL and change the man's color to yellow

Step 15

For the eyes of the man,
use the ellipse tool

Step 16

finish the man's face by drawing his mouth and applying bevel and emboss to it....and add a tiny nose:)
now we start making his clothes by taking the same green leaf and warping......

Step 17

select a part of the source picture as shown and use the warp tool

Step 18

Finish the man by making his legs,hands and feet similarly using the warp tool...

draw the hat shape,apply bevel and emboss and use the smudge tool to make the hat with a very small brush (here i used 3 px soft brush for smudging the hat)

Step 19

now draw the stars with 2 and 3 px brush using white color....and draw an ellipse for the moon and fill the moon with white color and apply outer glow to the moon.....

Step 20

dark shading:
create a new layer and set blending to hard light and start painting with opacity of 20 px and you will get this result.....NOTE that here we use a DARKER green color for nessy and man and paint ...
For water use dark blue color and start painting

Step 21

light shading:...
create a new layer and set the layer's blending to soft light and use a white color brush of low opacity(here i use opacity=20 ) start painting the highlights and u get this result....

Step 22

now we apply color balance and these are the settings as shown....

Step 23

Now our image is complete and this is the result we get:) hope you enjoyed this tutorial:)


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