Harbin Tree

    Harbin Tree

    One RAW image, HDR-toning in Photoshop. Harbin, China.

    For: hdr only 2 contest

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    Choose your own adventure

    Choose your own adventure
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    This is my home away from home. The city has the same population as my home country, and the scale of the cityscape certainly correlates with the number of people. This photo is a composite of 5 images, photomerged in Photoshop, with a black and white filter.

    For: city bw 2 contest

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    Does it look like I want a cracker?

    Does it look like I want a cracker?

    Taken at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

    For: birds 3 contest

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    Lion - South Africa

    Lion - South Africa

    A lioness looking for it's mate in Pilanesberg National Park. Used auto settings with Canon EOS 600D, standard zoom lens, leaning out the window of a Jeep.

    For: national geographic contest

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