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Cool idea

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Author: edits are allowed as long as you do not change your complete entry AND do not use that right to edit an entry as building up an entry (meaning: start posting a first render and then update your entry every now and then with newer versions with more textures and so on). Use your right wisely and moderately and mods do not have any problem with editing your entry

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not bad not bad at all

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Author: I wish that I had seen your response earlier! You CAN edit your posts! That's why we give you constructive critiques. So that you can make your work better before we vote! You still have 3 days!

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itgik says:

if you made the string at the top a loop it would help the image look like a ball- at the moment it looks like a bomb

Also I think the planks of wood are too short if you stretched them I think the base would look better.

(5 years and 971 days ago)

Christmas ball
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I am glad that this contest is here for you since the other required plug in devices! Good idea, but I would like to see the front look more reflective, or add an iphone wallpaper texture, or both. See if 3D program has a material with a preset for thin glass, maybe.

(5 years and 975 days ago)

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