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Bob is a bloke from NYC area. His Pxl age is 5 years and 2691 days. He was last seen 198 days ago.

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183 profile comments: ( page 2 of 10)

avatar rodrigo73
rodrigo73 says:

Thank you, the pleasure is mine!

(5 years and 1663 days ago)
avatar erathion
erathion says:

My pleasure Bob...U created really great image...Keep going...

(5 years and 1688 days ago)
avatar bjaockx
bjaockx says:

Thanks bob! nice being back... hope to stick around, but if an entry gets pulled like the Mod is threatening right now, i'm probably gone again... ;]

(5 years and 1702 days ago)
avatar rsguetre
rsguetre says:

I like your comments, they are always helpful, thanks. We could all learn from them, both to improve our work and to help others improve.

(5 years and 1792 days ago)
avatar derdevil
derdevil says:

Thanks for comments and fav ( car icature contest )

(5 years and 1823 days ago)
avatar Geexman
Geexman says:

Thanks for the fav man

(5 years and 1829 days ago)
avatar chromathoughts

Thank u for ur nice comment

(5 years and 1841 days ago)
avatar maclu2iaf
maclu2iaf says:

(5 years and 1852 days ago)
avatar Geexman
Geexman says:

thanks for the congrats man, I`d love to be humble in defeat but I couldn`t understand the atention that winner got either.....but hey the voting seems more & more fkd every week....whats with the high votes for everything? anyways hope you`re well buddy ;--) and thanks again

(5 years and 1856 days ago)
avatar layerstack

Thank you for your kind words....

(5 years and 1867 days ago)
avatar freejay
freejay says:

Hey Bob...just popped in to say hi....gotta keep up with the other ancient choppers here

(5 years and 1869 days ago)
avatar greymval
greymval says:

Top 3 commenter this week! GG, keep it up!

(5 years and 1883 days ago)
avatar DigitalDreamer

Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate them.

(5 years and 1890 days ago)
avatar tk
tk says:

thanks for the kind words

(5 years and 1892 days ago)
avatar tk
tk says:

thanks a lot for the comment and suggestion Bob

(5 years and 1893 days ago)
avatar loriann88
loriann88 says:

Thanks for your comments especially the one about my Bald Bean haha

(5 years and 1903 days ago)
avatar tk
tk says:

hi thanks for the comment

(5 years and 1924 days ago)
avatar kushpatel
kushpatel says:

thanks for your comment..!

(5 years and 1936 days ago)
avatar Rod13
Rod13 says:

Now that was weird. Gave you a compliment, the sight went down for a minute. came back up and 3 comments posted. Trust me man I'm not trying to flood your wall.

(5 years and 1938 days ago)
avatar Rod13
Rod13 says:

Put you comment to work. Thank you for the input and you have a good eye for little details.

(5 years and 1938 days ago)