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Bad B Confessions - created by detractor

Bad B Confessions
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avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Try to give the fur better edges with the smudge tool, and give him a shadow.

avatar Alan2641
Alan2641 says:

good start -- think the extraction of the beaver could use some touch up -- ghosting around the edges as well -- seems to have too many straight edges. also the perspective of the ashtray on the table seems off -- and if I.m going to be really picky the right edge of the sunglasses should have a bit more light as it is fading into the background

author says:

Thanx for comment im trying to do the improvements maybe its beyond my technique xD

avatar RickLaMesa

they are trying to tell you to use the smudge tool on the the smudge tool,,,set your brush to 1 or 2 pixels, strength around 80 or 90% and start smudging the fur out around the edges

author says:

Cool i gonna do it now i get it. Thanks for your help

(5 years and 1630 days ago)

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