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Beauty in the eye of the beer holder. - created by skyangel

Beauty in the eye of the beer holder.
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1. Warped the bottle ring to fit the eye curves and blended it on soft light.
2. Placed sunset over eye so the sun was in the center of the pupil and blended that on screen mode.
3. Warped tree silhouette to fit over eyelashes and blended the layer on multiply.
4. Cut out girls, resized them to fit into eye, used masking to mask out some of the clothes and make them appear to be inside the eye. Added some shadows under the arms and a glow behind the heads. Changed the colour of the blue dress on the left to fit the more amber colour scheme of the work. Used curves and levels to darken the models faces. Added a blurred layer of the sunset on top of the whole thing to give it all that orange sunset tint. Blended it on soft light. Added a small border in photoshop.
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