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Road Of Lamps - created by creamind

Road Of Lamps
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A surreal image that present a desert road with a huge lamps and an old man with his horse walk on it
(4 years and 322 days ago)

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Moderator says:

Author, source no. 2 is copyright and can not be used. Please add the source for the sky.

Please read you will find a lot of helpful information there.

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Author, you should be able to find a replacement image for the desert & resubmit.

author says:

Ok I'll replace it

Moderator says:

Author, Shutterstock requires a subscription to use their images. Please add a copy of your subscription to the step by step, blacking out personal and credit card details. Please ensure subscription dates are visible.

Moderator says:

Author, the sky source you have added does not appear to be the sky you have used, please upload the correct sky source, or your entry will be temporarily removed until you have fixed this.

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George55 says:


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rturnbow says:


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Verikakis says:

Congrats !

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material girl - created by hymerion

material girl
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thanks to Csaba Szilvási for splash source (5 years and 1717 days ago)

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avatar rakib888
rakib888 says:


author says:

zanbrottix, I don;t find flat the glass. And this kind of comment comming durring votting days and not in submmitig days is meant to get down an entry, not to improve the work. Especially when it commes from a person who has an entry in this contest.

avatar zambrottix

was an opinion, but you're right, I had not thought I feel I've cleared

avatar zambrottix

the work is original and funny

avatar elemare
elemare says:

The work is original and funny! But I have to agree with the earlier comment (removed) - I find "her" glass rather flat, too. It would also be nice to have had a clearer old man hand to match the sharpness of the glasses and "her" hand.

As for my own comments coming during voting, I apologize (sort of) but I don't have enough time to review, comment and keep checking back during the week, and then come back to vote on the weekends. Which is why I may comment, but rarely vote in contests I've entered. This is not just about winning - it's about learning and improving, isn't it?

author says:

her glass is a picture, so you could blame on the light for the flat feeling, not on the photoshop skills...

about the comments I agree with you, there are meant to improve the work, but if it is a nit picking available for a particular work, it should come in the proper moment.

I learnt from many great artist, and it`s not about willing to win, but to a honest approach.

Thank you for you comments!

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