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Manufacturing of Colossus Army - created by Rod13

Manufacturing of Colossus Army
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A Factory Where A Stone Colossus Army Is Being Manufactured. The background is a little out of focus to make it look like your looking down at the heat from the forges. Thank you for the chance to delve into the outer reaches of what can be made from a simple photo. All from Stock Photo. (5 years and 1346 days ago)

avatar Chalty669
Chalty669 says:

Wow, lots to look at! Only suggestion would be shading where the arms and legs meets the blob. Good luck!

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happyme27 says:

very distorted looking...and what are the blobs meant for?

author says:

The distorted look is to make it look like looking down at the heat from the works below the chain system from above.

author says:

The concept of the red colored rock blobs is to be sent to be carved out to be the body of the Colossus.
I saw a video on the theory of how we think some of the forgotten tribes used large pits of fire to heat the stones before carving them into their idols. It was believed heating something up changes the temper and puts the life of the fires into the rocks. Also they believed If there is metal in the stone it will make it stronger and stand the test of time.
Thank you for the comment.

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

You need better drugs.

author says:

No drugs. Don't want em' don't need em'. Was watching Grill Wars when i started this.

Howdie stranger!
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