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lifes essence - created by scratzilla1

lifes essence
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water like lifes other essentials is precious.

so much of it is wasted, polluted and dismissed.

It is time that we reflect and see how IMPORTANT the role of water really is.




this image was created to make one reflect on the magic of life. how important it is to save water. showering with a friend is a simple way without cost to help us create a greener earth. :-)

a special thanks to mgpspstock from Deviantart for the photos of the lady and man

A big thanks also to Skydancer from Deviantart for his photo of man reading book (5 years and 2229 days ago)

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avatar gopankarichal

Very nice work of art. good selection of images. one link is missing: "man". Add a SBS also. GL

author says:

thanks for your complement, "man with book" is the link to man. SBS coming.

avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:

very dumbledore. a bit of a stretch on the theme.. but his image is very wonderful.. good luck author

avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

Very nice image!! Great work!!

avatar akasha
akasha says:

you have a very funny idea to save water! this will also make friendships stronger in a way...

avatar RGB
RGB says:

Very nice i love it well done!!!

avatar OliviasArts

well dont work for me... i love to have showers on my own.... lol i mean why share what tiny bit of water that comes out of the pipes these days lol.... i like to get washed not chat lol goodluck.

avatar chakra1985

very nice

avatar devangel
devangel says:

very nice

avatar genuine2009


Howdie stranger!
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A Day In LKY lifes... - created by arkncheeze

A Day In LKY lifes...
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I know there's already a same type of entry... But i was already in the process of finishing this one and I thought it would be a waste not to upload it...

Only source, photoshop and illustrator used...

Please Check Full Resolution, As in small size image quality is lost... Comic is in A4 size...

P.S. LKY, hope you don't mind the story bout your avatar :-p

***Edit: sbs uploaded and spelling mistake of "LYK" corrected to "LKY"... Also added ground shadow to mascot...*** (5 years and 2233 days ago)

avatar nishagandhi


no avatar

Good idea and nice execution.........Good Luck Author.

avatar meena
meena says:

lol good one

avatar Giggles
Giggles says:

Hahaha!Good one!

avatar mariosilva

nice and lovely cartoon u toke him out of anger good luck

avatar Siminho90
Siminho90 says:

very cool! nice

avatar Tuckinator

very cool image

avatar LKY
LKY says: the experessions.....specially in the second block of image...

avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:

cool beans.. great construction.. very professional

avatar annabat
annabat [banned] says:

This is cute Like it a lot

avatar darkshellie23

OMG i was wondering Y he so angery thanks for clearing it up nice GL

avatar achiver
achiver says:

superly executed g8 idea to make a story board...

avatar DigitalDreamer

awesome saucem

avatar gopankarichal

good work

avatar dreamdriven

very nice concept

avatar chakra1985

very nice

avatar Ory
Ory says:

Good Luck

avatar Stoli4naq
Stoli4naq says:

Love it! Maybe LKY is still angry because Monty never showed up? hehe

avatar TheWinningStar

it's very nice author ... GL

avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:

Congratulations on 5th,,,

avatar chakra1985


author says:

he he he thanks

Howdie stranger!
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