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crayon idol - created by maozbd

crayon idol
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avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Sloppy work where the stairs meet the crayon thing. Edges of crayon are sloppy too.

avatar aheman
aheman says:

promising.. but the crayon sorta spoils it

avatar Mina93
Mina93 says:


avatar MossyB
MossyB says:

Too dark. The figure in front appears to have no head, and the crayon appears to be crooked and tilting to the left. The shadows of the people are too distorted and kind of goofy looking, not to mention the directions they are all going in signifies a very strong light source centered behind the crayon, and much lower than the lighting on top of the clouds would indicate...

This just doesn't seem to be very well thought out.

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