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The Lost Helmet - created by Toothpick134

The Lost Helmet
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HI everybody, this is my first competition entry and I hope you like my work.

Basicly for this image I got a nice countryside backround. Found a chair and cut it out. Onto the chair I put the competition image, firstly though, I cut it out and puppet wrapped it so it looks like a helmet. Then I added a camo texture to the helmet and played around with the different blend modes. Lasty I put everuthing together by adding some extra shadows, and then I added a nice Brown and Orange gradiend and blended that to look nice.
Take care! (5 years and 1890 days ago)

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avatar phubar
phubar says:

Welcome to the competition. Just a thought for your entry... The shadow on the chair doesn't match the high noon image it is placed on. It also looks like you distorted the image of the chair (if you hold down shift while resizing the aspect ratio will remain constant thus avoiding the distortion).
Also a high res copy would be nice so that we can see what you did with the turtle shell.
Cheers and good luck.

avatar wazowski
wazowski says:

Have to admit, the shadow is fascinating . It's not correct, but on the other hand...who cares . A high resolution version would be nice though (if you want that, then go to topnavigation My stuff - My contests, there you see your entry and then you can check the option High Resolution, something like that...). Good luck!

avatar itsdesign
itsdesign says:

good luck

Howdie stranger!
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