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God's Gracious Gift Reborn - created by JPDesigns

Gods Gracious Gift Reborn
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I'm not conceited guys! lol This is the meaning of my name. My name is Janet Renee (Janet once meaning God's Gracious Gift, but is now just God is Gracious, and Renee meaning Reborn.)

This name is special because I am my mother's first child, but before me she had a miscarriage, so in a sense I was God's gracious gift reborn for her. And can you believe she didn't even know that was the meaning of my name?

To check out the meaning of your name you can go to

Everything was made from my own photographs.

Comments are VERY MUCH welcome, they help me grow, so please do :) (5 years and 1049 days ago)

avatar greymval
greymval says:

Ah, c'est Renée, en francais.
Great idea, nice touch with the wing made of fingers.
The first thing we learn in statue tutorials is to remove the eyes(iris), i think you should try it since you aimed to make a sculpture ( right?)
The pedestal should at least have some shadows to look like it's round, the way you made that pole.
There's a discontinuity from the shadowcast and the edge of the foreground. Just make the shadow on the wall continuosly at the bottom.
That little baby turned out well.

author says:

Hey thank you for the comment! I was going for statue, and knew that the eyes needed to be blank to complete that look, but I like it with the eyes. I may play around with it without the eyes and if it turns out cool I'll turn that in. As for the pedestal, I wanted it to be square, the pole is coming from the center of the squares. I will, however change the shadow, I noticed that as well, but I thought the black border would have taken away from that...guess I was wrong hehe.

Anyway thank you again for the suggestions, but I will have to say I like my final piece as is (except the shadow).

author says:

UPDATE: I changed the shadow, and decided to do the "statue eyes" because I thought it came out pretty well, although I like the old version too. More comments are welcome

avatar jbillitteri

I think this is outstanting , so creative. As well I love the wing, how cool is that!!!

Didn't see the original, but this is excellent. Great

author says:

Thank you so much! I came up with the wing idea while I was making the bust. I was stuck on what to do after I got the heads done, and for some reason the idea of making a wing out of my hands just popped up (I get those crazy ideas from time to time). I'm glad you guys like it

avatar erathion
erathion says:

very nice work

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