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Ganymedes Deliverance - created by Missy

Ganymedes Deliverance
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Ganymede was considered the most beautiful man in the world by Zeus. Zeus transformed himself into an eagle and took him. Once among the Gods Ganymede became immortal and was given the role of cupbearer of the gods..

Credit to Felixdeon from DA for the man.

Credit to ryoku15 from DA for the cloud brushes

Please note, you have to have your "mature content filter" off on DeviantArt to view the image of the man. (5 years and 1945 days ago)

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I think you should clarify the two dead links... were they from the old PST?... It could be my computer but the links go to white space..Please red flag this and tell the MODS.. this is too good of a piece to be pulled on a technicality good luck!!!!!

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good work

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very good! nice work and gl

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I remember this.Good Luck author

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Looking good for the second time around.

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akasha says:

great job! very dramatic depiction of a God like time

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this was one of my favourites last time goodluck.

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gr8 work......high votes frm me....

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Excellent idea.. nice work author !

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I remember this one and how much I liked it last time, still Really like it a lot!

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Congratulations for 3rd

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