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Let me Entertain You! - created by Nellista

Let me Entertain You!
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I used the image of a clown and rebuilt it using parts of the source image.

I colorized it in a really strong manner as I think clowns are supposed to be all merry and very colorful!

I know there is another chop in contest using the same idea, but I was working on mine right when that one got I couldn't just give it up...! Consider this little fellow that young Lady's husband..! Lol!

Hope you like it! (5 years and 1955 days ago)

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avatar RGB
RGB says:

Cool idea and well done good luck!

avatar fille
fille says:

how to say no... how to say no... i h a t e clowns, but how to say now no... it's goood! good luck!

avatar tapiona
tapiona says:

wow, lively work, good luck, top three for sure

avatar orientallad

good job, maybe some work in the background will make the clown pop more, good work overall, good luck

avatar Ory
Ory says:

Nice work, but urghh I find clowns co creepy, they are just nasty.

avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:

I think the ribbon candy texture is spellbinding,... your image is more mettalic which is so cool to see different effects.. CONGRATS.. very nice pictue

avatar Daz
Daz says:

wow, good work!

no avatar

Beautifully done...... Good Luck Author.

avatar hsbee
hsbee says:

excellent one.. gl

avatar gopankarichal


avatar animmax
animmax says:

Nice work, that would have taken some time.. GL.

avatar chakra1985

very good

avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:

Nice gummy clown.

avatar genuine2009

nice...and funny...

avatar Siminho90
Siminho90 says:


no avatar
pixel says:

nice nice i like the design

avatar Giallo
Giallo says:


avatar ReapRevenge
ReapRevenge [banned] says:

Strong entry.. good luck !!!

avatar OliviasArts

i think its great

avatar pingenvy
pingenvy says:

great piece. good luck.

avatar CrAzYChelie

OMG im totally with fille! Clowns give me the heebie jeebies!!! But nice work!! LoL

avatar Kid
Kid says:

Wow, so shiny 0_0 lol, gj

avatar Akassa
Akassa says:

Looks nice Ball clown for sure.

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