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Elfin kid - created by freejay

Elfin kid
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(5 years and 1481 days ago)

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avatar UncleJimmy

Wow...kinda creepy, but Super Cool....nicely done author. Super image.

avatar Giulia
Giulia says:

this is a gorgeous entry!!

author says:


avatar Drivenslush

Very Sweet!

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Lookin' good, but SBS could be better.

author says:

Thanks bob....i never do a over detailed SBS

avatar Fredex
Fredex says:

Kind of terrifying in an 'oh god make it die' sort of way, but very good...

author says:

Nahhhh Fredex....its cute...hahahahahahaha

avatar lolu
lolu says:

I love it ! Good luck author

avatar yoguy108
yoguy108 says:

I think you could have done better merging of the image parts.
Still, its super great idea.
You have my vote

author says:

Please clarify what you mean....what parts could i have merged better ?
I cleaned it up a bit more and fixed a few edges anyhow .

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Author, you know I like your work, but being lazy on your SBS doesn't get you anywhere. In this case I'll give you a break because it's kinda obvious what you did, but members need to learn, too.

avatar yoguy108
yoguy108 says:

light is coming from the right. see that the front side of the barrel is in the shadow. the fingers should be darkened, all so there is shadow missing beneath them. all so i would try to darken a bit the left side the shoulder, ear, and cheek.

see that the front side of the barrel is a bit out of focus and the left back side, is sharp. the baby depth of field is opposite. the back shoulder is out of focus and the front fingers are in focus.

all so i would add some adjustment layers on top of all to unify more the image

author says:

Thanks for your opinion Yoguy, but i have to disagree....Its obviously not alot of light in the pic, and the barrel is on a sloping angle while the fingers point straight down, It makes perfect sense to me that the shadows are right, especially if you compare them to the shadows on the babys face. Also, it seems the barrel is also weathered and more darker on the outside,

As for the focus, you may be right but its such a slight difference its hardly noticeable.

Thanks for your input, but it would be much more appreciated if you had given it before the deadline had finished.

avatar yoguy108
yoguy108 says:

sorry for the late reply, it was immediately after i so your response
nevertheless i think your post is the most creative and in spite of my perfectionist opinion i think it is well done
you still have my vote

author says:

Thanks yoguy and the others fr the nice comments

avatar arca
arca says:

Super work and even though she is kinda creepy she is kinda cute too! It's a two for one elf!

avatar solkee
solkee says:

Excellent transformation author.

author says:

Thanks Solkee and Arca )

avatar bcabilan
bcabilan says:

Surely the best entry on this contest...

avatar lordymail
lordymail says:


avatar madamemonty

Congrats Freejay it is cute too

author says:

Thanks guys and gals

avatar arca
arca says:

Congratulations on a wonderful creation!

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Congrats on your win, and thanks for your comment on my entry.

author says:

Thanks Arca and CMYK

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cute child......

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nice edit though....

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