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Dangers Of Television - created by donh

Dangers Of Television
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Used picture I took of friend and one other source (5 years and 3057 days ago)

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avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:

very funny picture.. but you might want to get rid of the green static going over the cat's mouth so it looks more like its coming out of the picture.. but it is your vision author... good luck (lots of fun!!!)

(the white spooky eyes in the kid picture is a great touch LOL)

author says:

Thanks for the tip Golem>>>fixed the green static

update....a little more touch up.

avatar vladimir735

Very cool! But, I still see a green static on the TV. Are you sure you deleted that? Or maybe you can just delete the static part where the mouth is. GL

avatar Nick
Nick [banned] says:

or make the part thats coming uit of the tv green static too

no avatar

love this concept. now if only we could reverse it for chocolate ads.

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