Ironist - created by billyboy

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Sculpting and painting with ZBrush. (5 years and 2092 days ago)

Rage, Grief, Hope...Saved - created by k5683

Rage, Grief, Hope...Saved
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Rage, Grief, Hope...all in the window of the soul.
This took me a whole day to make (well in between chores and making dinner). I couldn't seem to get it to the way I had in mind though so I made many many changes.
Other than sources listed, the other images are my own.
EDIT: I changed this a bit. Kidox got me thinking about the perspective some. (5 years and 2095 days ago)

3 Sources:

eMotion - created by SOLARIS

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my eMotions.

To simple! not very creative! I hear pre-estimated.

But it´s simple as that.
Sourrounded by dakness.

woops, something has changed.

well, now it´s been one day since i´v made and posted my entry.
starts from black over grey to finaly white.
What has happend?
short explained, ... i have sleped.
My emotional darkness, fear, hate and disappointments inverts
everytime to survive and actually to took the next wave over and over.

about the Entry:
I started with my superficial emotion, Black. Thats how the world
sees/treats me.
Now it´s White because thats how i see me-, and my emotional base.

about the SBS:
thats symbols "how i fight the darkness inside and outside of me"

about that one colored "hard to vote" entry: :-p

To me, there is nothing else to express the most powerful emotions
inside of me.

!!!PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT MY SBS BEVORE VOTE!!! *thanks (5 years and 2094 days ago)