Go Green - created by mrgrey

Go Green
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the square fills up - created by friiskiwi

the square fills up
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only used my own images. (5 years and 3156 days ago)

Sightseers' DREAM!!! - created by kyluvlee

Sightseers DREAM!!!
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Big elephant...how else can I put it??!! (5 years and 3156 days ago)

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As seen through the EYES - created by wolverine

As seen through the EYES
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just an imagination as how the same image would look like for each eye, together when seen by both our eyes we get the complete picture,

and, to exhibit this idea, well, make it a real exhibit ! I depicted this as an artist's work..the same image split into two - each half representing the part seen by each eye...

just some wandering imagination..please don't attach scientific reason to it !!

No external images used,

The wall is a default pattern in photoshop and a little light effects rendered.

The barricade was made using pen tool.

The photoframe was done using rectangles, playing around with the gradient, duplicating and some drop shadow and bevel and emboss. just fiddle with those settings.

The photo was filtered by some artistic effects..the standard ones..
Charm ! (5 years and 3157 days ago)

Pigzilla ... - created by thecreative

Pigzilla ...
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Just when you thought it was safe ...
Thanx to Sxc.hu for the images (5 years and 3157 days ago)

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