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By Rixz
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Mix up at least 1 human and 1 animal into a new species. Add human arms and hands to a giraffe or merge a human head with a dog head into one.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

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Howdie stranger!
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Wazzup ! - created by Rixz

Wazzup !
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Hello everybody, i'm new on "" this is my first entry.. (3 years and 346 days ago)

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"MAN-tis" - created by buzzy

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"Dude im buggin'"
Thanks and attribution for: Dietmar Temps, Pax Ahimsa Gethen, OC Always, Jake Harris, Dysopos, Ted McGrath,, Sayam Joshi for their great images (3 years and 349 days ago)

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Bear meets Giraffe... - created by WYSIWYG

Bear meets Giraffe...
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Had to change the nurse, my first entry contained a non-stock image, my fault :-(. Hope you all like her replacement too :-) (3 years and 351 days ago)

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Butterface - created by LIONSDEN

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(3 years and 354 days ago)

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Cat Model - created by LIONSDEN

Cat Model
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(3 years and 354 days ago)

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