In the Sways and Bends - created by Drivenslush

In the Sways and Bends
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my photo graph of an empty fountain as background (5 years and 2553 days ago)

lost cat - created by kathyw

lost cat
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cat, window, (5 years and 2555 days ago)

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Skeleton Wings - created by elliejane

Skeleton Wings
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Not as much 'cat' as the other entries, but I thought, 'Oh, well, why not?' lol

Base photo of woman's back, cat's whiskers duplicated several times, cropped, edited and flipped, then overlayed with a 'hard light' filter. Various tweaking of 'hue and saturation' plus using some of the brickwork to add texture to the woman's back.

Edited to say: have tweaked image based on comment about the overall darkness - have lightened image a bit, then copied and flipped the left hand side of the woman and blended it into the right, to give more of an idea of the form. The original final image is still in the sbs if you want to compare and contrast. (5 years and 2554 days ago)

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TO ARMS - created by HELSIEN

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(5 years and 2558 days ago)

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What a hoot - created by ibmaxed

What a hoot
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From four legged to winged.
The window photograph is my own stock. (5 years and 2558 days ago)