Butterfly - created by xdunlapx

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Inserted a cut-out butterfly onto the leaf. Butterfly found at Morguefile.com (stock image site) (5 years and 2154 days ago)

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carpet... - created by sebykxxx

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source... (5 years and 2147 days ago)

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Difficult jigsaw - created by JEN750

Difficult jigsaw
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Here is a jigsaw that some may find difficult. (5 years and 2146 days ago)

Pumpkinesque Eyes - created by xdunlapx

Pumpkinesque Eyes
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Eyes stock image came from Ronald Paredes from http://sxc.hu.

I copied the eyes over to a new layer on the leaf psd then changed the blending mode to Linear Light which produced the image you see. (5 years and 2153 days ago)

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wee - created by costar

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sorry it wasn't complex but it was the first thing i thought of, wish i had that slide on my lake.
cut and paste (5 years and 2154 days ago)