beginning of life - created by momvera

beginning of life
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All additional images used in this entry are my own. (5 years and 2163 days ago)

grasshopper - created by JEN750

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used source picture plus my own photo of a grasshopper. (5 years and 2159 days ago)

Escaping - created by Jilly

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1. up load image of leaf
2. Using the lasso tool, I randomly selected, copied and passed sections of the leaf to make new leaves, each layer was then edited, and using the simple inner embosses filter as well as the high shadow.
3. Then I scanned and inserted a photo of my daughter on an indoor climbing wall, cleaned and edited, with the magic wand, lasso and eraser tools. Then added it to the layers of the leaves.
4. To give it a final touch i used the burn tool to add darker shadows throughout the piece.
(5 years and 2161 days ago)

Chinese fan - created by radeon21

Chinese  fan
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Chinese fan (5 years and 2157 days ago)

1 Source:

Green Shape - created by divair

Green Shape
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Abstract. No external sources. Step-by-step coming soon. (5 years and 2161 days ago)

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