Flowers - created by oana

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Changed my colour - created by shaiju1974

Changed my colour
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I have used two external sources of Bird and the back ground pictures.

thanks to
Author: rolve
Author: oOlemon
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Can You See Me? - created by chizty

Can You See Me?
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I take the chameleon's picture from Cut the leaf and blend to the chameleon's body. Using the liquid filter, brush tools, and playing with some layer mode and adjust brightness. And finally cut the chameleon and put it in the source image. (5 years and 2150 days ago)

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bugs life - created by cabldawg71

bugs life
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bugs and flower are my own.
see sbs. :)
used channel mask for the big bug. This was difficult for me because of transparency of the wings on this juicy critter.
Hope you like it. (5 years and 2150 days ago)

Lonliness - created by Treidel

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