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Pollock - created by Artifakts

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The famous action-painter in ... well ... hmmm ... action ! (5 years and 1567 days ago)

avatar friiskiwi
friiskiwi says:

great angle

avatar BeSea
BeSea says:

No accounting for taste! How do you get famous doing that! Good action shot.

author says:

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I'm too young to have know "for real" Jackson Pollock. This is a photography og a miniature representing Pollock in action. [Now that you know it, look again the Hi Res and you'll see ] ... But by reading you, I'm happy to see that the illusion was well captured ^_^

(5 years and 1562 days ago)

avatar Heathcliffe

I wish he had used exciting colours. Vibrant shades of pinks and purples would be cool. good luck

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