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Wrong lettering - created by jerostone

Wrong lettering
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Benefiting from other people's errors; this bag I bought for peanuts, on account of the lettering on its cover being so screwed-up (5 years and 2895 days ago)

avatar kyricom
kyricom says:


avatar Govindrathod

Nice....It is playlife rite....? but why did you bought this for peanuts?

author says:

I never bothered trying to undesratnd what it says, but yes, with a second glance, play life it is, kyri. Gov, all I paid was 1,5 euros, just because the lettering is all wrong, and the lady at the supermarket was crystal clear about it

avatar mperri
mperri says:

It looks like it was printed like that on purpose... Nice bag though!

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