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Faberge Egg! What? - created by jerostone

Faberge Egg! What?
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(5 years and 1604 days ago)

avatar adeincyprus

this I would consider as kitch, because it is a mass produced variety of a very famous artist's work. his originals are a long way from kitch, if you have ever seen one, as I have..........

the light and contrast levels on this need a little work, the subject is a little 'flat'. it needs 'popping'...........light, contrast, levels, curves and saturation..............

author says:

It is kitch, a lady friend bought it from a group of wandering gypsies, when they began getting pushy. The "gilding" comes off, if you only scratch it with your finger nail. As for the rest, just because I agree with your suggestions, I might give it a try. Thanks, anyway

avatar adeincyprus

much better...............

avatar erathion
erathion says:

very cool

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