The new Gateway - created by Kare

The new Gateway
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(5 years and 2803 days ago)

hwy 9 - created by duncandips

hwy 9
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a highway through colorado. (5 years and 2800 days ago)

Still on earth - created by jubilian2004

Still on earth
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There were a lot of clouds surrounding us, the road was on a margin, and our speed was quite high.

This is a photo that i have taken in the autumn of 2009 in the mountines of Romania.

Hope you enjoy it. (5 years and 2799 days ago)

Dreamy Lane - created by debdyutsarker

Dreamy Lane
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..... Plz comment ..... (5 years and 2799 days ago)

Leaving the big city - created by jerostone

Leaving the big city
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