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In the second example...the interior with the stairs, compare the panels of ceiling stained glass between the two pictures... The panel on the right was apparently covered up and dark. The left one washed out. What gibbsld and I are suggesting, is what he said, "Then some or all of these selective editing tools be allowed." ..

They're not.

"everything you have suggested is the way it is now." is simply not true...

Here, I could not have specifically and carefully selected, and isolated those two near opposite panels of glass and worked exclusively on them to get them to match and come back to life...(nor could a camera adjustment)

Unless one is using photoshop to create a lie they can use, there is never a need to edit, selectively or otherwise. There's no NEED to take pictures at all... It's a wonderfully enjoyable and hugely beneficial craft, skill, art AND science...and it's about WANTING to create the image you have in mind, that you think captures some essence of the reality you've immortalized in a frozen snap shot of time... If you and others can do that by tweaking just the settings on your camera, more power too you. It's an exceptional talent... Most of the rest of us feel lucky to have all the mostly ignored features of a decent image editing program as one more tool at our disposal... No one needs it, but it does allow us to enhance what is the raw material our cameras produce. It has forever changed what we think of as "Photography"...

I'm coming to believe some just so dislike the technology that the old school purity is being clung to here...and it will work for awhile longer.. Just another sign o' the times.

One more:

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OK. I guess I lied. THIS will be my last post. Awediot, you might want to read a little more closely. When I said what was asked for was already in the rules, I was saying that to what gbbsld had requested in the other thread. I should have been more clear about that.

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Someone exiting a discussion isn't a reason for it to just stop... Feel free to keep reading, and do or don't reply. I won't think you a liar...

gbbsld's first reaction when I posted the initial suggestion was, "I actually think selective editing should be allowed in most contests - such as burning/dodging as long as the content of the photograph is not altered by adding or deleting objects. Most professional photographers do selective processing to some extent." ...and I know exactly what he meant, and agreed.

He is stating what he thinks the limits to the Photography+ category ought to remain, to keep the fundamental rules clear. - Yes those regulations already exist. That's not the point... Building a more advanced form of contest from them is.
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