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robvdn wrote:To me the final result is important, how someone got there is of no importance. Humor to me is absolutely not important (it can even mean less score from me). I can be blown away by a technically less entry if for instance the style appeals to me.

Sorry I am late to the party. I may make more posts but there was something in this post I have to disagree with. Maybe I am taking it out of context so let me know.

Yes the final result is important, but to me how someone got there is also important. Supposed you made a "something" driving a car. I would rate this MUCH MUCH higher if you had actually made the car rather than using a pic of a car. Little things like stars. If you made the stars I am going to rate it higher than if you had used pre-made stars. Unless these objects that you made look horrible of course. :)

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CMYK46 wrote:Okay, here goes. Even though this subject has been brought up previously, as Spaceranger mentioned, (He has posted older links) I'd like to thank Irse for bringing it up again. It's important for ALL members, not just newbies. And as mentioned, the following criteria are absolutely essential to consider when evaluating an entry:

• Masking issues - edges left around component sources or sections that should have been masked and weren't.
• Shadows - absence of or inappropriate direction or strength.
• Lighting\Levels - mismatched levels or light sources of components.
• Blending techniques & Filters - Inappropriate use of such that it overwhelms or becomes the focal point of the piece.

I'd like to add some thoughts to these. Masking: edges that are too sharp, jagged, or pixelated = lower vote.
Shadows: I'd add wrong opacity to that list.

Lighting/Levels: Light sources are usually simple to determine when choosing images. Many members pay little or no attention to this when making a composite. Lower vote.

Other things I take into consideration when voting, in no particular order: SBS. A step-by-step guide isn't mandatory, but I agree with Spaceranger that a good one is the best way to demonstrate the work that went into your entry. Looking at a good SBS over the years has certainly helped sharpen my skills, and I usually try to include at least a rudimentary one in my entries where I think it might be useful.

Composition: A good idea expressed in a poor composition won't get a lot of points from me.
Mood: Whether by color, lighting, good choice of subject matter, or all three, a well done moody piece can be impressive.
Humor: Tasteful humor is a joy to see. Crude, not so much.
Use of source: Obviously a creative use of the source will get a better vote than just slapping on some filters or overlaying other images. And here we come to CBR. Entries that are Chopped Beyond Recognition. Using Warp and Liquify to create something that bears no visible relation to the source gets a WOW vote from lots of members. I just scratch my head. To me it's being clever, not necessarily creative, and is a questionable use of the source because an identical recreation could be made with some other source. Some people love it, others share my opinion.

Lastly, and purely subjective, how does the entry make me feel? Is it the same old tired stuff I've seen a million times? Does it make me think? Does it make me say "Wow, I wish I had thought of that?" Does it uplift or disgust me? Is it so good I go back to view it just for fun?

I may have overlooked a few things, but to me all these things are important and I vote accordingly.

I agree with pretty much everything in this post. Humor to me is about as important and any other "emotion" or "feel" that I may get from the chop. Of course if I look at an image and it makes me laugh, I may give it more points, but the same can be said if it makes me "feel" whatever. I do tend to give extra for an SBS. To me that shows effort and the amount of effort someone used to make their chop is important to me. Heck, even a nice description on how it was made is a good thing to me.

I never judge by looking at an image (particularly just the low-res) and giving it a score. I look at all their sources and see what they actually did. At first glance something may look good but when you look at the sources used and they just copy/pasted a few things here and there, then the "initial impression score" I may have had in my head, goes lower. Or it may go higher if the opposite occurs. I mostly spend several minutes scoring each one. And like you, I use pretty much use all of your criteria while doing so. I even look at the Hi-res for errors such as masking etc. I can see that that hub-cap (or w/e) the artist used as an eye is blended in well or did they just copy and paste it there and do nothing to blend it?

Also I would like to say that I do appreciate all of your critique in the Chop contests. I've actually learned from your critique so keep up the good work.

I may not have my terms right here but mismatch in "temperature" is a pet peeve of mine. Someone may take a warm image and put it into an "cooler" scene and make no effort to adjust it. It gives the chop that "I'm just gonna stick this thing here and hope for the best" look "but take no effort to match it up". Sometimes those adjustments are hard to do, but sometimes they are simple. I'm making up numbers here but that could turn a 50 into a 60 or w/e if everything just looks like it belongs together.

Also perspective. I've seen some really good chops but the external sources just don't look like they belong there. Heck, sometime using that same eternal and moving it back or forward may cure that problem, sometimes they should not even have tried to use that external.

CMYK46 "Is it the same old tired stuff I've seen a million times?"

As of right now, IMO, I think I may disagree with this. I have not been into this for very long so I have not seen things a million times. One of my first contest entries was a dragon made from a frog. Someone in the comments said something like "We have already seen millions of dragons". I haven't. That was MY dragon damnit haha. I poured my heart and soul into that dragon, not eating or sleeping to make the best dragon I could, so the fact that there may have been 10 million billion trillion dragons made before, to me, should be of no consequence.

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