Private jet charter company

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I'm interested in the jet charting industry.

I want to start my own luxury private jet charter business.

However, I do know that this a costly business to get into. The reason I want to do it because I have a passion for luxury and travel, so I thought why not do both!

I've done a little bit of research on this topic, and I all I've been seeing and hearing is how expensive it is.

My question is just how lucrative is this business?

With all the overhead cost is it actually worth investing into?

This is a $20 billion industry so I would think so, with only a little over 20k companies in the industry.

So let me know your thoughts

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Private jet charter flights on a private jet always give you a special feeling. Always a better feeling than first class on a commercial airline. It gives the passengers ultimate flexibility, convenience, and comfort with their flying.

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