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1492design here.
Hope you guys are well.
Just a quick question... If someone beats me fair and square, then I'm kind of ok with that ~ It means I'll come back stronger and faster, more focused.
I think I won a decorated cake 3D contest as I recieved the most votes, but alas no, someone else won.
Could someone please explain to me how this works.
In any voting competition, the person with the most votes wins yes, or you have a re~run of some long ago american presedential election fiasco...
I'm not bitter, I just want to know the rules.
Help please. **== [color=#0000BF]
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The amount of votes is not important in winning / loosing a contest, it is the average of those votes that count.

Each member has his / her own individual votepower (see your profilepage how many you have). This ranges from 1 vote to 50 votes (100 votepower = 1 vote). This means that if 1 member with 50 votepower votes 65% on your entry that it shows as 50 extra votes and the vote counts as 50 x 65%. Such a member has build up his votepower over time by voting a lot and within the range of the actual endresult (the only way to gain votepower).
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