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Last year we discovered a great website known as Pixelsquid. They offer a library of high quality 3D objects that can be rotated to the desired position and downloaded as a PNG file or a layered PSD file for use in Photoshop. (There is also a free plug-in offered but only for use in CC2014 and later versions of Photoshop which allows you to spin the objects directly in Photoshop).

Note: Knowledge of 3D images is not needed these are 3D images that you can position and then download as 2D files. Learn more about Pixelsquid HERE.

We ran a special Pixelsquid contest in March of last year and had a favorable response. We had a second Pixelsquid contest with animation in October of last year.

Pixelsquid is no longer a free site, you can check the subscription prices HERE. Thanks to the people at Pixelsquid we will be offering a free subscription as a prize in an upcoming Photoshop contest.

We still feel Pixelsquid objects add dimension to the possible sources used in PS contests so as of now we will allow them as acceptable sources for members who are willing to sign up for the pay site. As with other pay stock sites we would require proof of purchase be shown in the SBS.

Proof can be a screen shot of the object page, the box for downloading PNG/PSD only appears for members. Some objects are FREE and that would show on the object page. If members have the plugin they could show a screen shot of their purchase library also. (see attached)

So to sum it up you can now use Pixelsquid objects as sources for your Photoshop entries but you must show proof of purchase in your SBS. We hope this will add to your creativity and help make it easier to get the source image you need in the correct position you want as well as adding to the fun of Photoshop work.
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We welcome any feedback or questions you may have.
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