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PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 12:13 pm
Hi there,

I have a small inhouse records program that uses a SQL DB. That DB is in Full Recovery Mode.

The DB is backed up nightly with this scheduled command from SQL Server Agent:-

BACKUP DATABASE [db1] TO DISK = N'C:\Db1 Backups\db1.bak' WITH INIT , NOUNLOAD , NAME = N'db1 backup', NOSKIP , STATS = 10, NOFORMAT

The transaction log is quite large, and it looks like no log backups have ever been run.

If I set up transaction log backups, can I write them out to the same file as above, or doe it need it's own filenames.

Can I delete the transaction log backups once the next Full DB backup has been run? If not, why not, and how long should I keep them?

Thanks for your time looking at these beginner questions!

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I would suggest first you understand the basic concept of SQL Server Transaction Log Architecture and Management Guide on SQL Server Doc. Recently I was to use the services of Devart company. They bring me many solutions :) That was a DBForge's robust tool for reading transaction log. Work well!

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