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PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 7:48 pm
Hi :-H

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Hi. I wasn't reading the forum since I have been 'back' but I had a question and went looking for a place to ask. This seems to be the only active thread so I'll ask here. Aren't entries that break the rules supposed to be removed before a contest goes to the voting stage? There are quite a few right now that don't have sources or are from copyright sources and shouldn't be used. Sorry if that's nit picky. I could just vote those really low since they shouldn't be there but it doesn't seem right to let them stay when others do so much work checking sources and creating SBS.
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The forum is here for all members to use, you don't have to look for an active thread to post your question in fact no one will know you asked the question if it's posted in a topic not related to your post. You should begin a new topic and post it in the proper category in order to get the response you want.

You could post your question as "Shouldn't these entries be removed?" or words to that affect. This could be posted in the category "Contest Discussions/Questions". Members will be more likely to see your question if it's posted in the related category.

To answer your question I assume by "the voting stage" you mean the "Vote Only" mode which means members may still vote for the entries but no revisions can be made to them by the authors and no new entries can be submitted. There is an entry still in a contest which is in the Vote Only mode. Members have commented about the lack of sources but the author has still not corrected the entry.

Each contest is moderated by one mod, sometimes comments are made by members pointing out errors with an entry(ies). These are considered "friendly warnings" and mods, at their discretion, may leave the entry and wait to see if the author(s) correct them. If they aren't corrected they will receive an official warning and are automatically removed. No entry will be allowed to finish in a contest if it has not been corrected. We try to give as much time as possible for authors to make adjustments even without an official warning, if they fail to do so they will be removed before contest end.

It seems the entry in question has been removed as I write this post.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll make a new thread if I have another question. Those entries do seem to be gone now. I know not everyone speaks English, so they may not understand the 'topic' of a contest, but the copyright images are a big no no. I didn't know if voting something really low because it 'shouldn't be there' would skew the results at the end.
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Remember that many members are new and learning about proper sources so they can make honest mistakes. If you think a source may not be acceptable the best thing to do is hold your vote and post a red flag questioning the source or send me a PM and I'll check if it's okay. There are always those who don't read the Rules and Guidelines and use bad images but those entries never remain if they aren't corrected.

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Oh! Hi, ...sorry I was in the bathroom. :oops:
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TorDoni wrote:Oh! Hi, ...sorry I was in the bathroom. :oops:
=)) :)) :))
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I like looking at the purty pitchers. ;;)
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Hi, I am new to the forums and just finding my way around.

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Nope. nobody :cry: home.

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