Leaving Pxleyes due to unfair voting patterns

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:d ;)

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Wazo would have to wield that kind of VP with due prudence. :-O b-)
Trust your captain .... but keep your seatbelt securely fastened.

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solkee wrote:It would be a pity to see you leave but you must do what you feel best.
I very rarely vote in the 3D section due to time constraints and my lack of knowledge in the subject.
The results is up to the members, they vote the way they think is correct. The mods have nothing at all to do with the final outcome. The mods don't remove votes unless it is a blatant attempt to manipulate the score (eg. voting 1-10% on all entries in which that person has an entry). If the mods removed votes which they disagreed with then the mods would be manipulating the scores and that is not allowed and certainly not done.
We have all had entries that have finished lower than what we believe they should have, unfortunately the rest of the members didn't agree with us. Maybe it wasn't the rest of the members that got it wrong, maybe it was our belief in where the entry should have finished that was wrong. What I am saying is don't cry fowl just because you see the results differently. We have many members from very different cultures, art styles, education and so on which view things very differently. Therefore they will also vote very differently.
[color=#FF0040]To sum up I wouldn't pay $10 for some of the $1000000 artworks in museums, does that mean they are crap? It just means that they are not to my taste and if they were in a contest here at pxleyes I would vote them low.[/color]

I know this is an old thread but I have just read it and I agree with what I highlighted in red from the above quote.
I think that in the end, art is very subject and no matter how valuable someone else might think it is, our own personal taste is what makes the final judgement of what is personally appreciated and of value to us personally.

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