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I have an iPhone and am constantly discovering new ways to use it. i actually do most of my entries with my phone, edits and all. i was thinking that if there was a pxleyes app, there would be much much more activity on the site. perhaps just an app for navigation and voting. just something to think about. sceneserely, anonyone.
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iPhone edits are still low quality at best. Just look at your scores.
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Iphones can be great, but is no substitute for a proper computer. It is hard to give a proper evaluation of a photo on an iPhone, but absolutely impossible on a chop.
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But, poor quality or no, Smartphones and tablets are the way of the future...Although poor quality chops will show up better on a computer, Mobile Apps are inevitable. The sooner Pxl starts planning on creating the ability for members to vote (if not create and enter) from their mobile devices, the better off Pxl will be positioned for the next wave of Internet growth and advancement.
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I'm with Mossy (and with that also Anonyone). Hów it should be implemented is something to brainstorm about, but app developments for smartphones and tablets is no future talk anymore.
It's a good point to think about and better to look at the possibilities than just ignore the whole matter :-)

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Something I made for myself some time ago but if you want you can use it as well:

It works on android, use is on your own risk (works for me though).

It has the latest entries, contests, news and you can enter the site through it.

download and unzip it.
If you have dropbox, upload it there (if not make an account through this (and you'll give me 500MB storage free ;) )), and you can install it directly if you access it through the dropbox app.
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