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I have had entries pulled more than once for using sources that are copyrighted and got a little angry over it. One thing you have to look for, even though you are searching for"creative common" sources, is to make sure that alteration is allowed. Just because it says"creative commons" does not mean you can manipulate it or change it. People are uploading "source" pics for us to use, or so you may think, but maybe they just want us to look at their pics for whatever reason. This has happened to me a few times andi had to use another source to correct it. Maybe this will help as far as listing all your sources. When i look for sources, i open notepad and copy and paste the link with the photographers name and save it when finished on my desktop. This is just the way it is. Every site has rules to follow and not everyone likes them. Again, i have been frustrated a few times but after a while realized i was wrong and need to pay more attention to the way creative commons are listed and what we are allowed to do with their pics. and thats my piece on this
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We honor copyright as a matter of principle. Photographers and artists should have their wishes respected regarding use of their images. You mentioned experience in the industry and a knowledge of copyright law, I've been an artist for more than 40 years and I can tell you the 20% rule is a myth. Copyright issues are determined in finite detail by the presiding Judge, Magistrate or Arbiter. The entries produced by our members are not intended for profit and wouldn't offer a monetary gain even if they did violate copyright. There are always individuals who would pursue legal action if their work was used illegally and the author who violated the copyright would be the liable party. Our copyright guidelines respect the wishes of source authors and protect our members from possible legal problems.

Finding images available to use in photo manipulations is not at all difficult. We have an item in the HELP menu: finding legal sources.

I almost exclusively use Flickr for sources and use the advanced search feature to find Creative Commons licensed works available for manipulations. Just as a random example I searched the term "seahorse" in this way ( http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=seahors ... =all&adv=1 ) the result provided 8,927 images. Not all searches will provide as many but there is still public domain, CC image search, morgueFile and many others.

If you are a creative artist you should respect the rights of others as you would have them respect yours. That's not an unreasonable practice and anyone with real creative ability can find suitable images that are safe to use.

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