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PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:20 am
It's an obvious suggestion. Apparently we can't afford around 70$ cash prize per week (according to the extinction of the old model that was running more than 1 month ago). I can verify a decrease in the number of entries since the cash prizes were removed. I doubt things will get better if nothing is done. Many members have left already (while the prizes were still on), what will happen now?

My point is, if we can't afford all (the old 70$/week), perhaps we can afford half or 1/3? Even if you make only one contest per section with a reward, it would be better than none.

In concrete I suggest this:

1. One contest with a cash prize per week in Photography and Photoshop (major sections);
1.1. The first place earns a total of 5$*.
2. One contest with a cash prize per three weeks in Drawing and 3D (minor sections);
2.2. The first place earns a total of 2.5$*.

* Why these numbers? I simply reduced the old prizes to half - 10$ to 5$ (Photography and Photoshop) and 5$to 2.5$ (Drawing and 3D).

With this reduction, it would mean an expense of 10$ to 16$ cash per week. And no more than 55$ a month. Comparing to what we had, which was an expense of around 300€ a month, seems reasonable.

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i doubt that prize money has much to do with people not participating. I enter contests at another site and there is no prize money and lately not many people are participating in the contests there either so who knows whats going on. Some may have left for that reason but the prize money isn't that much anyway, barely enough for postage to write home about

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i have to agree about the prize money not being a major factor. A lot of people come to learn and also, winning a theme can be utilized in ones port. Especially for new photographers. IMO of course.
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I always thought the software prizes were a lot more valuable than the money prizes.
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For now, 1 contest in each specialty has a small award.
Custom prizes such as software will return in the future.

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I honestly neverr played for the prizes, I just had fun seeing what I would make... However I haven't seen anything inspiring lately to compete, and time is an issue :(

I didn't even notice the prizes were missing at first lol
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