I think I goofed.

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I'm new and I think I might have goofed. I used stock on my own HD and just hosted it myself for the source link. Is that a bad?

If so sincere apologies, I'll use fresh stock from the web in the future.

There's quite a lot of guidelines to read, and you know how it is, dive in, photoshop first, think/read later.

Sorry again!
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We don't accept images from image hosting sites and sites in general, where the copyright status and/or the image usage guidelines are not clear.
I don't know, what your "stock" is exactly, so here are all scenarios I can think of:
- If it is your own photo, upload it uncut and unaltered in your SBS and state, that it is your own photo.
- If it comes from a CD/DVD with stock photos on it, you have to provide a screenshot of the folder where it is stored on your hard drive. In this case, please mention also, that you own the CD/DVD.
- If you downloaded it somewhere, you have to provide the link where you got it from. There is no way around that. We pay big attention to copyright here, so we check all sources from the web, if they are usable.

That is all I can think of for now, if you have further questions, you can also always ask one or more of the mods directly via PM.
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Roger that. I wouldn't knowingly rip anybody's image off.

I'll avoid using stuff from my disk that I've gathered over the years in the future. It's mostly come from PS magazines, old copies of hemera and the such like.

I really have no idea where the source came from, but I've used the clever google drag drop thing to find a legitimate source, and edited/linked appropriately.

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