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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:12 pm
I received this message 1Day, 8Hrs ago, supposedly from a Team Moderator. Since I did not enter any photoshop contests, it seemed a little odd. When I clicked on the Team moderator, I got a message saying that they had been removed from the contest or did not exist. I copied the link location and here is the result. (

Here is the message.
wrote to you:
Dear BeSea,

For this week's photoshop contests you submitted one or more entries.
We hereby wish to remind you that the contests will go into vote-only mode in 24 hours.
If you still need to make changes to your entry, now is the time to do so.
Please doublecheck your entry to make sure you have included all the necessary sources and/or SBS guide.

Good luck!
The PST Team
What concerns me is the reply link. I thought that I would put this out there just in case someone is using Pxleyes for bad reasons. Perhaps this is just an error, but I thought that it should be known. I did not reply, but I did copy the link location, which is:

( ... tor%20Team)

Has anyone else had these messages? I thought that the team would like to know.
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These mails are send by the PXL system (or manually by the admin, I'm not sure) but at least they do come from PXL, best not to pay to much attention to them.

About the PST: PST is what PXLEYES used to be and stands for PhotoShopTalent.
The link: this used to be a modaccount at PST, but link has been adjusted to PXL but there's no account for the mods here at PXL...

The mail is coming from PXL but like I said: best to be ignored :)
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