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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:15 pm
I have seen a couple of contest entries recently which include a yellow moon. I am curious as to how this effect is achieved. Do you use some filter on the lens or a certain WB setting to get a yellow moon?
I have never seen a bright yellow moon. Not even the last supermoon looked bright yellow in my neck of the woods. It had more of a dull orange tint.
I am asking because I want to learn how to get a bright yellow moon in my photos without using photoshop to make it yellow. We can obviously make it any colour in photoshop.

While we are on the subject of moon photography, any moon photographers might be interested to know that the last of the supermoons for 2016 are due on ...
Tuesday, 15 November 2016
Wednesday, 14 December 2016 ... e-century/

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Are you confusing Supermoon with Full moon?
I would like to be an emerging talent! Instead of a submerging Dinosaur!!!

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friiskiwi wrote:Are you confusing Supermoon with Full moon?

I don't think so.
The site says those dates there will be a supermoon. I am only going by what the site says.

I know we have a full moon once a month but we don't have supermoons every month.
From what I read, the supermoons happen in the years when the moons orbit is closest to Earth.

Anyway, I tried again to photograph the moon a few nights ago but I ended up with some strange photos of a moon with a moon reflection in the sky as well. It looks like two moons in the sky.
I am wondering if the reflection was caused by the moon reflecting off my lens and what should I do to stop such a reflection?

I also googled about the yellow moon and I found out such a color is caused by air pollution, so I guess only people in polluted areas would see a yellow or orange moon. ... oon-nights

I guess I should be thankful that I have never seen a yellow moon where I live. It must mean I live in a very unpolluted area. :-)

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The year I saw the moon with an orange tint, was 2014. I was in Melbourne at the time. It was the year of the moon eclipse and even then, the sky was too cloudy to see it very clearly and I got no decent photos of it.
I think its a matter of being in the right place at the right time with a good clear sky to get a good moon photo and if we want to capture a yellow or orange moon it has to be in a polluted area if the web sites are telling the truth about air pollution causing the tint.

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