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I used to photoshop a bit years ago but put it down for some reason. I am trying again but am struggling of course.

I like to take the art of Rub Ullman and change it for my personal use. I will find a picture that I like and change the uniform of the girl to one that I want.

In this instance, I am changing this 'twins' girl to a 'blackhawk' girl.

I am having a hard time already just drawing clean lines on the socks of the twins girl. I am using pen tool and ten stroking it with pencil. The lines are not clean. Can you please suggest a better method?

I have included the two pics. The one I want to change and the one I am modelling off of. The Hawk girl you see is one I did years ago, and I thought fairly well. She was originally Pittsburgh. I have just forgotten every thing. :-|


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