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Hi I am kinda beginner to intermediate in that I know the basic interface of photoshop CS4. So I was wondering what are some good books to learn more about photoshop and techniques used in photoshop? Are any of these books worth taking a look at? ... cs4&pos=-1 thanks
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Personally I'm a big fan of books but not these kinds... You'll never really find info on what you need on the moment. You'll learn much more (and for free) by doing tutorials, asking around and just practise, a lot of practise. But that's my way of doing it. ;)

...I am kinda beginner to intermediate...

The more you know about Photoshop the more you feel like a beginner. :))
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Only reading material i ever get is PhotoshopUser.
Great mag!
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Also in Google books there are tons of awesome free books
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I owe a lot to Steve Caplin, author of the book “How to cheat in Photoshop”. :shock: ;)

There is so much to learn in that book that so far I haven’t bought any other book. It is so easy to read and understand. It comes with a DVD with video tutorials and photos for your own use. With the tutorials come Photoshop files so you can experiment yourself.

You learn the best by doing and that’s why I admire this Photoshop guru. He takes much time to give valuable feedback to anyone who has questions or takes part in the Friday challenges of the book’s website. Thank you Steve! :YMHUG:
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I still think that just doing it -also mentioned by Maja- works the best. Apart from that, and that's no joke, seeing people's SBS here can also work great.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:58 pm has some amazing tutorials. i have about 20gb of them on my pc. they're video tuts though, not books. the tutors are great, they explain everything quite nicely. they have books too if you really prefer that. they cover pretty much every segment of ps. a bit pricey but well worth paying (tbh you can get every type of software for free if you know where to look but shhh :-D )
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One book that really taught me alot is Scott Kelby's "The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers". If you get any book, I would recommend this one first. Another good book is "Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop".

After these two you'll have the fundamentals down, and then the internet tutorials is the greatest way to improve your skills.

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Signaure under construction.
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Oooohhhh...that is a sad statement!
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