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One giant leap for mankind. - created by loopyluv

One giant leap for mankind.
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I tried to combine everything about that event. The American flag, the moon and the spacecraft. Done on 3 layers, the moon, flag and hand holding rocket. Each worked on separately and combined at the end for final collage.
Done on my wacom :)

EDIT: shadow layer removed (as suggested by langstrum) and more detail added to flag.

Any suggestions/ improvements are appreciated. (5 years and 2164 days ago)

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avatar MossyB
MossyB says:

Fantastic work. Great talent shown here!

avatar roon
roon says:

excellent art.!!!

avatar langstrum
langstrum says:

Great work my friend, I like the curve on the flag that fits to the moon shape. I can see you spent time for thinking and came up with this approach. The highlight on the hand is so realistic, well done. In my opinion, maybe you don't need to use the shadow for the hand because the whole image is quite conceptual, rather than a real spatial arrangement of objects. Best of luck to you ^^

author says:

Thank you so much Langstrum It looked a bit flat without the shadow, but I will see what it looks like without it...It is on a separate layer, so it's easy to remove. I did spend time on this and I'm happy with the result...I'm learning from you my friend, thanks to your great tutorials

avatar Glockman
Glockman says:

wow that hand is verrrrry real looking, but the flag over the planet seems off a bit.

author says:

Tried to make it less realistic and focus on hand and plane(where all the detail and time was spent on) and the other two-moon and flag, to compliment the rest as a background. Setting the focal point on the hand.

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Realistic construct of hand, artistic and thoughtful image and wonderful presentation of flag..
FANASTIC out come author...

avatar spaceranger

A very well crafted entry! Everyone has shown excellent work in this contest you're all winners in my book!

avatar Glockman
Glockman says:

nice bit of work loopyluv, keep um coming

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ancient giant fish - created by sophia

ancient giant fish
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nessie best friend is a giant fish .
This is my first complete work with pencil from ages and when i wanted to scan it my windows told me that scanner cant be found then the scanner crashed the window and now everthing have a weird look .
the sbs images were took with cell phone camera i will add the details on sbs later.
edit : well the scanning not so good many of details are missing . (5 years and 2757 days ago)

avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

Nice drawing stills. Of course he could be a friend or a snack for nessie

avatar tinstoy
tinstoy says:

Nice work. I like the idea of the water drops from the fish.

avatar swordfish
swordfish says:

very welldone...

avatar ikrumon
ikrumon says:


author says:

thank you all for the comments , lol jawshoewhah , well he sometimes do see his friend as snack =p

avatar sunzet
sunzet says:

You really have put in lots of effort into this. Nice done!

avatar hereisanoop

awesome entry....

avatar erathion
erathion says:

very nice drawings

avatar cabldawg71

i like this Author good luck today

avatar Glockman
Glockman says:

Nicely done and I would have voted higher if it were a bit more nessy like.

avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:


avatar hereisanoop

congrats for the 2nd place... sophia

author says:

thanks to you all,.. @Glockman and i didnt want it to look like nessi =p

avatar nishagandhi


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