Monument - created by ibmaxed

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Looked at heaps of pics for inspiration.Liked the rusty looking hulks. Doodled till i came up with an image i liked then did the rest. Acrylics on canvas, its what i had lying around. (5 years and 2579 days ago)

Lost at Sea - created by tinstoy

Lost at Sea
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In this piece, I just threw my pastels into the paper, bits and pieces I had. I used my imagination for the whole scene. There are no source images or photos. The esqueleton, boat pieces, all I drew from imagination. (5 years and 2574 days ago)

Lost Spaceship - created by tinstoy

Lost Spaceship
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This is all imagination. It's the wreackage of a ship. No source image or photo available because there is none. Pastels on 18 by 24 paper. (5 years and 2571 days ago)