Your product and Pxleyes

We at are always looking for prizes to reward our participants in our contests. This can vary from (photo)books to software and anything related to photography and Photoshop.
If you have a product which you feel can be worthwhile for our members and you’ll like to promote this over our site you can always contact us. Together we can find the best way to highlight your product with us.

What can we as Pxleyes offer?

This off course depends on what you have to offer and how we want to promote it but in general we can offer you the following:

  • A large review of your product on this blog. Your product will get it’s own post and an honest review. For this we need, off course, a review example of your product as will be rewarded as prize. This means if you for instance offer a hardcover book the review example also needs to be in this format, a kindle version will not do. You can find an example review here.


  • We’ll mention your product at each contest which involves your product as a prize.

    – We reward the best entries of the month in a specific type of contest (either Photoshop or photography), this means your product will be mentioned at about 8 Photoshop contests or 16 photography contests. We always make a post about which prizes can be won during that month on this blog and we’ll be linking back to this blog as well at each involved contest.
    – We do have single contest with prizes as well.


  • We have a banner on top of in which your product will be mentioned as a reward.



If you want a contest which is specifically aimed at your product we can do that also. If you have a book about street life in New York for example we, off course can not run a photography contest themed ‘street life in New York’ but we could do ‘street life’ or ‘street photography’. The possibilities are endless.

When you are interested in working together with us please feel free to contact us!




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