Using images posted on Pxleyes

All images posted on Pxleyes are subject to copyright in some form.
– Photos are always automatically copyrighted by the person posting that image.
– Photoshopped images are subjected to copyright as explained on the ‘creative commons’ website. It is up to the person who posted the work to interpret these rules and understand them.
Pxleyes is not the copyright holder of the entries presented on it’s website and therefore carries no responsibility or rights over them.
By posting an entry on Pxleyes members agree to allow the use of their entry in blogs and posts related to the description and promotion of Pxleyes as examples of the work exhibited in our contests.

To get permission to use the image you want you’ll have to contact the person who posted that image.

How to get permission for an image posted on Pxleyes?
1. go to
2. register as a new member, if you are already just log in.
3. go to the profile-page of the member which posted your desired image.
4. click on the green ‘send a message’ button and write your request and click ‘send’.
5. now sit back and wait for a reply.
6. as long as you do not get a reply you should regard this as a ‘request denied‘.

We advise members to give permission in written form which contains all conditions of use in it. Send this to an email address, so you’ll always have a contact address if things go wrong.
Moderators and or the admin can not help you with email addresses or getting in touch in any other way, we (Pxleyes) consider ourselves an outsider in this case.

More info about copyright and what it is can you find here.

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