Suggest your contest ideas

We are always looking for new and original contest ideas for both photography and Photoshop.

Let us know what you’d like to see as a contest and we’d might run it.

There’s some things you’ll need to keep in mind:
– Don’t make your suggestion to specific like “show us s a sunset behind the leaning tower of Pisa“. Try to keep it open so as many entries as possible can enter. We want your contest off course to be successful.
– If you want to suggested a source for Photoshop do not Google an image but make sure we actually can use this image. There’s copyright to think off, is the source photoshopped, is it sharp and so on.
Best thing to do is upload a photo you made yourself.

We can make alterations to suggestions to avoid problems and opening them up but when we use your suggestion we’ll credit you!

You can make your suggestions here.

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12 thoughts on “Suggest your contest ideas

  1. A few suggestions for photoshop contests.
    1.Take a photo of a young person and make them look old.
    2. Photo restoration challenge using an old damaged photo.
    3. Using paint splatter photos or brushes manipulate a photo into paint splattered art.
    4. Make a greeting card for a special occasion.
    5. Create an abstract portrait of a person or animal.
    6. Make people invisible in a photo but leave the clothes. eg..

  2. Hi! Thanks for asking about the subjects.
    In the Photoshop side, they are rather varied. The source image contests are sometimes challenging but I like it. For the concept challenges, you should renew more some of the contest which went on 5 years ago or so. We had an UFO contest only 4 monthes ago, it would be better to leave a longer space before launching the same subject (4 or 5 years is better he he he)
    For the photography contest, there are 4 different subjects every week. Some of them come too often like the sunsets, the money, I’m sure there were themes on a long time ago which never came back.
    I like subjects like selective colors, or “mostly” colors, the letters…
    And while I’m here: it would be nice to make things clear about the use of filters. I had photos refused because I used a filter, and on the other hand I see some photos with much stronger filters than for the one that was rejected. Difficult to understand.
    Anyway, I’m still very happy to get the surprise of the new themes every Wednesday.
    Well, hope my broken English was not too hard to understand!
    Cheers for now.

    1. Hi Sylvie,

      first of all thanks for the feedback we do really appreciate this!

      It happens that some basic ideas return in a short period of time, usually they are different though – on another level.

      As for the often returning contests: those subjects (sunsets, flowers and so on) usually are popular and give more entries. We are trying to avoid similar contests to often but we also try to have at least 1 contest a week which could give more entries.

      As for the use of filters in the photo contests: this is a tricky one. We’d like the entries to be photos and not Photoshop works. This means we do not mind if you add a frame by using a filter or change colors and so on. As long as the original photo is still more or less the original photo (if you understand what I mean) your entry will be untouched by the mods. However if you use a filter which produces for instance a Andy Warhol effect we see that as to much – over Photoshopped.
      Filters are tricky, it is impossible to define what is allowed and what not, the variety of them is just to much. If mods feel they are borderline they discuss them and come to a mutual agreement on them. This can be different on each individual entry.

  3. You could have colour combo contests for photography. Yellow & Red….Blue and White.
    OR you could ask for contrasting colours as focal points or complimentary colours.

    How about an IDIOM contest “with blinkers on” .

    Photos only taken during Golden Hour…or Blue Hour only.

    B/W Photos using a blow out as an artistic tool.

    If I think of anything else I’ll write again.

  4. Ideas for photography: villages – houses – tilted photos – bread – mural frescos – bicycles – motorbikes – perspective – tainted glass – weathercocks – from above – fish – glasses – grids – nets – museums – roundabouts – roots – chandeliers – equestrian statues – Church or temple statues – shop windows – strange faces