Sad news: Freaking News shuts down

It’s sad, one of our colleague sites Freaking News is closing down soon. This means another Photoshop site down and, again, one site less for photoshoppers to turn to.
We feel the pain the members, moderators and admin must feel because we had the same happening to our own site a few years ago. It’s like your heart is ripped out and a trusted place to turn too to relax and have fun is no more. The feeling of a big group of friends falling apart; people who’ve helped you grow in the past, people who’ve commented on your entries (positive and negative) it is all gone. What’s left are sweet memories and friendships you’ve made over the years.

We, from Pxleyes would like to thank the admin of Freaking News for his devotion over the years and offering so many photoshoppers a home, thanks to the moderators for their great work and time spend doing an underappreciated job and the members for the numerous hours spend on making entries and making Freaking News into the institution it is. We do hope the members find a new spot which makes them feel at home.

Don’t give up on chopping!

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